Sushi Connect

INDUSTRY: Food & Dining

PRICE PREDICTION: $3,000 – $5,000

With an interesting secondary word, SushiConnect is just perfect for doing sushi business on the Internet.

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Food Company

Solar power production, solar power storage, solar installation, and planning tools or software.


A directory, group, or online forum may be built around the name.

Why it’s worth buying

  • It’s got a relevant keyword – sushi, which clearly identifies the business offering.
  • You will find the name useful as it covers a wide variety of possibilities.
  • It is simple, easily pronounced, and easily spelled.
  • It is short, and it would stick to the mind.
  • A lot of things are possible with this name.

Is there a shortcoming of this name idea?

  • No.

What you can do with this domain name

  1. Guide website for sushi things and matters.
  2. Directory website.
  3. App targeting sea foods.
  4. A real world sushi restaurant can be named SushiConnect.


  • Limited-Service Restaurants, Seafood Product Preparation and Packaging, Sushi Restaurants


  • What is sushi made of
  • Sushi wiki
  • Is sushi raw fish (Sushi FAQs)
  • Sushi recipe
  • How to make sushi
  • Sushi origin
  • Types of sushi


  • We utilize a pricing algorithm based on reported premium domain sales, demand, industry dynamics in the aftermarket among other things. Midrange is $XXXX for the major keyword in this name, there is high demand on names with the keywords especially the second keyword. This domain name lies within comparable length of other names previously sold and also those in use in this industry.
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Branding tip #63

Trademark attorneys advise that brand names should be sufficiently distinctive to be protect-able under trademark law.
Naming names: Trademark strategy and beyond: Part one — Selecting a brand name. Ross D. Petty
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“In Japanese, sushi doesn’t mean raw fish. It means seasoned rice”. ― Guy Fieri

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