Storage + ous

INDUSTRY: Technology, Warehousing, Mini-warehousing

PRICE PREDICTION: $4,000 – $12,000

Storageous like courageous, etc., is one name with quality and beats several other names you will find in its niche. I love it. Modern, versatile, and meaningful.

A business name, blog name, or website name.

Iaas / Business

Cloud storage, cold backups, backup solutions.


Self storage, mini-warehousing, warehouse business.

Why it’s worth buying

  • It’s got a relevant keyword – storage – which clearly identifies the business offering.
  • You will find the name useful as it covers a wide variety of possibilities in the storage space – whether files or assets, whether for products or services.
  • It is simple, easily pronounced, and easily spelled.
  • It is short, and it would stick to the mind.
  • A lot of things need to be stored, CryoStorage for instance. Storageous is perfect for whatever storage need you want to cater to. Even nuclear wastes!

Is there a shortcoming of this name idea?

  • No.

What you can do with this domain name

  1. An Infrastructure as a Service setup dealing mainly with storage and backup.
  2. Great for a business engaging in storage of assets.
  3. An app or product can be named Storageous.
  4. And if I am sure there’s a strong market, I may just acquire and use Storageous to launch a magazine.


  • Storage Servers, Backup Service and Tools, Storage Utility, Warehousing.


  • Self-storage
  • Shelf, wardrobes, other furniture
  • Space, storage facilities, locations
  • Storage solutions
  • Data, drives
  • And lots more. See what you’ve got covered in this one-page high resolution PDF or PNG wordcloud. It’s a bit large.


  • We utilize a pricing algorithm based on reported premium domain sales, demand, industry dynamics in the aftermarket among other things. Midrange is $XXXX for the major keyword in this name, there is high demand on names with the keyword. This domain name lies within comparable length of other names previously sold and also those in use in this industry.
  • See how we arrive at domain name prices/valuation. However, this name may sell higher or lower. In this case, we examined names that made up about 50% of total bulk of sales volume for this keyword.

Branding tip #61

Chinese is a tone language. Tones are related with pitches and are distinguished by their intrinsic sonority. Phonetically, a high tone has a high pitch and is more sonorous than a low tone. Chinese speakers have a strong preference for names which can be pronounced sonorously.

In Chinese brand naming, therefore, tones are an important factor and need to be taken into consideration. European languages are mostly non-tone languages and their branding makes no such requirement.
Chinese Brand Naming: A Linguistic Analysis of the Names of Ten Product Categories. C Jieguang, H Yueyuan.
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Your home is living space, not storage space – Francine Jay.

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