Smartest Coin

INDUSTRY: Finance, Cryptocurrency, Investing

PRICE:$1,000 – $

Smartest takes the domain name to the zone of comparison; great for reviews, investment talk, or just highlighting the innovative cryptos – coins and applications – that are in the wild.

A business name, blog name, or website name.


Cryptocurrency investment, tools, application, widget or gizmo.


Magazine or such publication, blog, portal, or directory. Go in the investment niche, that’s a smart choice for this name.

Why it’s worth buying

  • It’s got relevant keywords that identify the industry.
  • You are able to use this name for a wide variety of projects in the cryptocurrency space.
  • It is simple, easily pronounced, and easily spelled.
  • Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and coins are here to stay.

Is there a shortcoming of this name idea?

  • Not perfect as a business name but great as a website name.
  • Although it is only 12 characters, the name seems long when pronounced.

What you can do with this domain name

  1. You can name a cryptocurrency online publication with it.
  2. It’s a nice name for a blog.
  3. SmartestCoin may be used to name a cryptocurrency-themed game.
  4. A web application can be launched with the brand name ‘Smartest Coin’.
  5. A review website for cryptocurrencies.
  6. And you can use it to start a coin of your own.


  • Fintech, Finance, Cryptocurrency.


  • digital coin price
  • best cryptocurrency to invest in today
  • best crypto investment for next 5 years
  • top crypto picks
  • crypto with highest growth potential
  • best long term cryptocurrency
  • cryptocurrency investing for dummies
  • cryptocurrency stocks to buy 2019


  • We utilize a pricing algorithm based on reported premium domain sales, demand, industry dynamics in the aftermarket among other things. Midrange is $XXXXX for the major keyword in this name, there is high demand on names with the keyword. This domain name lies within comparable length of other names previously sold and also those in use in this industry.

Branding tip #60

The nature of brand names in adding value to a product is widely recognized, and conceptualized in research under the brand equity construct.
Chinese Brand Naming: A Linguistic Analysis of the Names of Ten Product Categories. C Jieguang, H Yueyuan.
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“By 2030, some form of Crypto will become the global reserve currency but it will not be based on what exists today. Existing cryptos need to transform or will disappear. Also around 2030 or so, the first Nobel Prize in Economics will be awarded to a Cryptoeconomist.” ― Tom Golway, Planning and Managing ATM Networks.

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