– a nice phrase and a meaningful one too

Rise & Slay. Rise And Slay

When naming a business or site, simplicity matters. The target market and your products and services will also influence the choice. RiseandSlay will strongly appeal to the demography that gets the word “slay”.

Business names or product names should be interesting, dynamic, and allow some freedom of activity – it should not be limiting. The combination of the words rise, and slay is perfect for a business name, a blog, or a website.

Furthermore, a good domain name for a business should be easy to pronounce, easy to remember. Call it catchy or call it sticky, RiseAndSlay.com fits most of those requirements.

Is this name easy to remember? For me it is. Rise and shine is a phrase that easily comes to mind when I hear RiseAndSlay.com.

This domain name calls to action. It challenges. I’ll say this domain name is ‘outspoken’.

Naming a business or a website? RiseAndSlay.com is a clever naming idea. It is a beautiful name that I can personally use for my Shopify or any other e-commerce platform store. Or a personal outlook consulting firm.

Yes, great brands are born at DomainRoll.

What are some good features of the domain name?

  • The domain name RiseAndSlay is not long, at 11 characters.
  • This name is easily spelled and easily pronounced.
  • The words give the name a positive mental experience.
  • RiseAndSlay is a common phrase.

Branding tip #2

The best product and company names require the least advertising. They are ads all by themselves.

“What’s In A Name?” – OUR NAMING PHILOSOPHY No. 091004

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