Right Lingerie

“The right lingerie set can give you that extra boost of happiness and confidence…”

What is special about this domain name?

RightLingerie.com would make people happy …

I know it’s quite easy to state what this name will be used for, the guess will be quite perfect. RightLingerie.com could well be the home for a lingerie brand. The business could be in the physical world or could be online eg a Shopify store.

But then RightLingerie could be metaphoric. That’s what naming is sometimes about. Bring an effect from a different sphere into another. Once you do that, you break away from the limits cast from the actual meaning of the phrase or name.

So what’s lingerie? Female underwear or nightclothes. RightLingerie could be an online discussion community about gender or for the female gender. It could focus on any aspect of the female gender, not just sexuality.

RightLingerie could be the name of a coach or advisor in matters relating to women-life. The name has got the characteristics of a good name. The length is acceptable, the words are clear when pronounced, there are no negative associations attached to the words, and the words are not obscure words but rather popular keywords.

So if your business idea is about lingeries or women affairs you can consider RightLingerie.com.

You should buy this domain name if your idea is targeted at women. If you take it literally, you have women (and guys too) searching for the right lingeries every day. And if you want to talk about sexuality, then RightLingerie.com may just be the right name for your venture.

Buy this domain name for your blog, e-commerce website, or a portal.

Characteristics of a great name – RightLingerie.com

  • Purpose or niche is clear.
  • The length is ok, not long.
  • The presence of a keyword – lingerie.
  • This business name can be used in various niches and for various purposes in the niches related to lingerie.
  • No hypens, no misspells, no unneeded numbers.

Is there a shortcoming of this name?

  • None to my knowledge.

What are you planning to build? What’s your business idea? E-commerce? Blog? A review site or a portal? RightLingerie.com is a great name for that.

INDUSTRY: Clothing, Women/Female Wears

Branding tip #29

The effects a name can have on the brand value engulf both customer and company. At the customer level a name affects customers’ attitudes toward the company and its brands, awareness and image of these brands, knowledge, loyalty, and helps create a differentiated clear image that cannot be explained by product attributes.

At the company level, a name effects price, market share, revenue, and the incremental cash flow resulting from the product with the brand name compared with that which would result without the brand name (Ailawadi et al., 2003).

Naming businesses: names as drivers of brand value.
Baker Ahmad Alserhan, and Zeid Ahmad Alserhan.

RightLingerie.com: domain name for sale

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