Replica Blog

Paintings, crafts, merchandise.


INDUSTRY: Manufacturing, Craft, Merchandise

PRICE: $1,500 – $3,000

Although 15-30% of internet searches on watches involve people looking for replicas, a replica isn’t just about watches (or fake watches).

Blog or website for a venture focused on replicas.


News, reviews, and lists.

Craft Marketplace

Forum, directory, or replica marketplace/stores.

Why it’s worth buying

  • The major keyword in the replica trade is present in this domain name.
  • The name will always be relevant now and in future years, call it an evergreen name.
  • It is simple, the market will connect to it easily.

Is there a shortcoming of this name idea?

  • The blog in the name prevents its use as a business name; it serves as a logical limit to what potential uses the name may be put into. However, you will still be able to run e-commerce on a website with name

What you can do with this domain name

  1. Everyday blogging if you are passionate about replica
  2. A directory or replica services and sources
  3. Reviews
  4. News and updates
  5. E-commerce
  6. Craft shop and services


  • Replicas and reproductions can be related to any form of licensing an image for others to use, whether it is through photos, postcards, prints, miniature or full-size copies they represent a resemblance of the original object.
  • “Not all incorrectly attributed items are intentional forgeries. In the same way that a museum shop might sell a print of a painting or a replica of a vase, copies of statues, paintings, and other precious artifacts have been popular through the ages.


We utilize a pricing algorithm based on reported premium domain sales, demand, industry dynamics in the aftermarket among other things. Midrange is $2,500 for the major keyword in this name, there is a fair demand on names with these keywords. This domain name lies within comparable length of other names previously sold and also those in use in this industry.

Branding tip #58

The value of a brand name is associated closely with its awareness, quality perception, and the customer satisfaction engendered by related products and offerings, among others.
Managing Brand Equity: Capitalizing on the Value of a Brand Name.
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“ I collect fantasy swords, replicas from films, and have them displayed on the wall as you go up the stairs”. ― Gary Numan

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