Pet Startup

For a Business Dealing in: Dogs, Cats and such, Pet Care Supplies.


INDUSTRY: Pets, Pet Care, Pet Supplies

The households owning at least one pet animal have increased and consumers have been spending more and more per pet. Pet startups provide a bevy of pet products and services, keeping pet owners happy.

A business name, a blog name, or a website name.

Pets, Pet Supplies

Pet sales, pet supplies or a community for pet owners.


Pet care, pet licensing, pet technologies.

Why it’s worth buying

  • Naming your business PetStartup is grabbing the name of an industry for yourself.
  • Since the word is singular (startup), it can suitably name a business.
  • It is a simple and clear name. The purpose of the business or website so named is clear – pet and business.
  • From Wikipedia, a startup or start-up is a company or project initiated by an entrepreneur to seek, effectively develop, and validate a scalable business model. If that sounds like what you have in mind, and you are in the pet space, then this is the name.
  • Whether you are doing commerce, information, services, or technology in the pet space, the name is suitable for you. PetStartup is not limited like or for example.
  • This is a dynamic name, and good for big dreams, fast growth, and large markets.
  • Short, easy to spell and pronounce, and beautiful name too.

Is there a shortcoming of this name idea?

  • Startup – you’re still going to be a ‘startup’ some 100 years from now if the business succeeds. Well, a startup doesn’t really mean ‘newbie’ business.

What you can do with this domain name

  1. Name websites – whether you’re doing information e.g. magazine or commerce.
  2. Blogging – a professional pet blog can be named with PetStartup.
  3. Business name – yes, your new pet business idea can be named with this.
  4. Alias your existing website – if you’re PortlandPets for example, you can buy PetStartup so it also points to your existing website.
  5. Have a great email on this [email protected]
  6. Consulting services/book website. You could have this as your book title and book website too.

Branding tip #52

Additionally, difficult pronunciation or unfamiliar letter compositions hamper the correct retrieval of the brand name and thus exacerbates exact domain name entry that would lead to the wanted web sites. And, since start-ups in the net economy ground their business on the domain, it would be fatal to have such an obstacle.
The corporate brand naming process in the net economy.
– Tobias Kollmann and Christina Suckow
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“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ― Anatole France

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