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For: Virtual Assistants, Event Organizers, Event Planning, Personal Productivity, Life Coaching.


A professional organizer assists individuals and businesses to improve their organizing systems and process. The purpose hereof is to improve the quality of life, achieve more productivity and greater efficiency.

Use for naming a professional blog for an individual, business, or organization in the ‘Organizer Industry’.

Content to get organizers on top of their game

Improve, network, communicate.

HowTos, News, Events, Updates caters to the professionals in the organization industry.

Why it’s worth buying

  • The domain name combines the industry name with one of the most popular words on the Internet
  • There are huge potential benefits of owning this type of domain name if you are planning to launch an information resource targeting the organization industry.

There’s not much to say about’s potential usage since it’s got the word blog as it’s secondary keyword. It is assumed that whoever would use this would be setting up a content website / blog on this.

By the way, it isn’t necessary that a blog explicitly bear the blog tag in the domain name, a lot of domain names, including those we have on DomainRoll, are perfect for use in naming blogs. And they don’t have the word ‘blog’ or ‘blogging’ included.

If you help organize things, people, or events you will find a useful brand for yourself. You will also find it useful if you make products that are primarily used for arranging things and spaces, anything perhaps referred to as an organizer.

Since organizer is the main keyword here, you would only be settling in on a name with a familiar scope. The natural usage of this domain name is direct in this case. is without any misspells, the length is great for a two-word name, it’s pronunciation is clear and simple, and the name is formal and professional too. You can use this for business and professional ‘blogging’ purposes.

Is there a shortcoming of this name idea?

  • The domain name is English-language-biased; perfect if your major target are English-speaking.

Business names with organizer

  • Organizers Direct, Moon Organizer, The Organizer Movie, Chamber Organizer, Process Organizer, Organizer DB,

INDUSTRY: Organization Tools. Professional Organizers.

Branding tip #50

For creating identification, a special brand image is necessary that distinguishes corporate values from those of competitors. The distinctive image must thus be derivable from the brand name, which in the best case also creates emotions that lead to true brand commitment and loyalty over time.
The corporate brand naming process in the net economy.
– Tobias Kollmann and Christina Suckow
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