Just Cryptocurrency

JustCryptocurrency.com – a domain name for a resource or website in the cryptocurrency industry.

What is special about this domain name?

JustCryptocurrency.com targets cryptos and Blockchain-based finance instruments.

Just and Cryptocurrency are brought together as a potential name for a project that’s of course focused on Cryptos.

The appropriateness of this domain name is only dampened by the length. Cryptocurrency is already a long one at 14 characters and with the Just prefix, it becomes an 18-letter name. But that’s the only hitch. The name is complete, clear, and easy to memorize and recall. It would be one of the easiest to remember Cryptocurrency domain names out there.

The name focuses squarely on the currency aspect of the Blockchain technology and is perfect if that segment is what your idea is about. It’s fitting for launching information sites, community sites such as forums, publications, and a marketplace. Thinking tutorials, tools, resources, news, events?

Crypto payment systems are another potential use of this name. If you have an application facilitating transactions using cryptos, then with JustCryptocurrency.com you’ll have a memorable name that sticks to the consumers’ minds.

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Characteristics of a great brand name

  • The domain name has a major keyword (cryptocurrency).
  • The secondary word (for) is extremely simple and popular.
  • JustCryptocurrency is complete and meaningful.
  • Chance of misspelling is very low.
  • It is not limiting – while it clearly identifies the industry, it doesn’t restrict to a certain activity.
  • Correct spellings of words are used, hyphens aren’t used, unnecessary words or numbers are not use, and this name is offered here is its .com version. That’s still the best TLD for business brands.
  • The name is simple.

Is there one shortcoming about this name idea?

It is the length. The length is not the fault of anything but that the main industry keyword – cryptocurrency – is itself 13 characters. With the addition of just the domain name becomes long. This is likely the longest domain name on DomainRoll.

But away from the length, you have a very great name. People won’t forget this name once they encounter it as it is easy to recall. It’s memorable and pleasant to the tongue too.

What are you planning to build? What’s your business idea? If it falls within the scope of the previous paragraphs you have a ready name in JustCryptocurrency.com.

Industry: Cryptocurrency, Digital Assets, Bitcoin, Altcoins, BTC

Branding tip #24

“A rich description of the task to undertake in creating brand names”

Since most companies do not have formalized guidelines for the creation of brand names, this paper provides a rich description of the task to undertake, the methods available, and the evaluation criteria to consider. In this regard, managers should:

– Set out clear objectives for the naming process. This can be drawn from the marketing strategy, especially the positioning statement for the product.

– Create a reasonably long list of candidate brand names. This will ensure a good pool of alternatives. The average for this study was 46 names. Traditional methods of brainstorming and individual creative thinking are considered most useful and an excellent starting point.

– Conduct a thorough evaluation of the candidate names. It is important to consider each criteria deemed appropriate for the product being introduced. Managers should plan carefully to ensure a complete and objective evaluation of the names. Experience suggests that a sample size of 74, the average for this study, is insufficient for reliable statistical conclusions.

– Systematically apply the objectives and criteria choosing the final brand name.

– Choose four to five names for submission to the registration. While some of the names may be unacceptable specified in the earlier steps in Patent and Trademark Office for registration, the problem does not seem to be as severe as suggested by several recent books and articles. Therefore, managers are well-advised to try to reflect the “marketing” objectives in the names without unduly constraining themselves with trademark concerns.

Kohli, Chiranjeev, and Douglas W. LaBahn. “Creating effective brand names: A study of the naming process.”

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