Going Blockchain

Guiding the journey into the trend, and the applications.

What is special about this domain name?

GoingBlockchain.com is captivating and meaningful.

I will return to Blockchain in a moment. I thought of one movie title to illustrate the name that I picked, and one of the first set that come to mind is The Devil Wears Prada, Sometimes in June came before that but since it was tragic, I skipped.

GoingBlockchain is in the class of those names that take you on a flow just like those movie titles.

Seeing you are interested in starting a venture in the Blockchain or crypto industry, I would explain a few things about GoingBlockchain. This name would allow you to offer products and services from the beginning to the end of the Blockchain value chain.

You’ll not only be able to offer any Blockchain product or service, you’ll be able to target those who are just stepping into Blockchain waters and are looking for a provider that had the charts of those waters.

The name is active, it’s simple, it’s not limiting. It’s strongly insinuating ‘adoption’. People who want to try anything related to Blockchain would be attracted to this name. If you are getting this name, then you should leverage its strength in that regard.

This is one other special domain name that I am selecting for DomainRoll.

Features of a good business name (GoingBlockchain)

  • The name should not be long; this has 15 characters and that is because the main technology word (Blockchain) is 10 characters long.
  • The name should be easy to understand, pronounce, and spell.
  • Great keyword mix – Blockchain, and going.
  • Allows diverse business offerings – doesn’t restrict you.
  • Attaches itself to the mind.

Industry: Cryptocurrency, Digital Assets, Bitcoin, Altcoins, BTC

Branding tip #14

… Interest in old brands is increasing because brand names carry value that is getting more expensive and risky to create.

A 1978 study quantified the value: in a blind test of consumers, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes achieved a 47% approval rating. When consumers were told the brand name, the approval rating jumped to 59%.

John Philip Jones, professor of advertising at Syracuse University and author of a forthcoming study of brands, says new brands have only about six months to take on that extra value before competition and waning consumer interest close the window..

Has been brands go to work. Fortune, April 28, 1986.

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