Flora Wise

A cool, mature, and big-business sounding name. Welcome to nature.

What is special about this domain name?

Or why FloraWise.com is a smart option.

Plants, flowers, gardens and the non-fauna part of nature is what we are talking about as Flora. FloraWise is a good name choice for starting the dream business or website in the green industry.

The domain name isn’t limited to a florist or such similar industries. In its general idea, FloraWise can be used to name a business not directly related to flowers. Or it can be as a brand name for a product. And that’s a good thing.

The name is classy. In my own view, you’ve got to measure up to a certain image this name portrays. It sounds royal, decent, and very corporate. This name will suit people who love systems, hierarchy, formal channels, and the likes.

FloraWise is short, simple, and sounds like a formidable player. If you name your website FloraWise, I would likely take you serious, genuine, and potentially capable.

Features of a good business name (FloraWise)

  • The name should not be long, so this has 9 characters.
  • The domain name comprises simple words.
  • Great keyword mix – flora, and wise.
  • Allows diverse business offerings – FloraWise.com could be offering products, services, or be a consulting business.

Industry: Greenhouse, Nursery, and Floriculture Production.

Branding tip #7

First, given the benefits identified, the creation of effective brand names is an important element in establishing industrial marketing positioning. Failure to develop effective names unnecessarily risks yielding an edge to competitors.
Brand-naming industrial products
– David Shipley, and Paul Howard.

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