Blockchain Hired
Will your idea meet the need for skills, for the Blockchain ecosystem? Or will it introduce Blockchain into recruiting?

What is special about this domain name?

The talent niche is always of interest in any industry. This name is a major choice for the Blockchain recruiting activity.

This name is in two dimensions. I don’t know enough about Blockchain to say what it’s doing in the aspects of employment and recruitment at present. If you know all about that, there’s prospect for you with BlockchainHired.  

On the other hand, a platform devoted to Blockchain skills is within the reach of most online entrepreneurs, you’ll only need to build the website for placing the job postings and some Internet marketing to get started.  

It’s quite clear that this name is for naming activities that lie in the intersection between Blockchain and employment. There’s,, and certainly has value in the recruiting business.  

It’s 15 characters long, and with its two keywords meaningful and they complement each other. The length of this domain name is acceptable since Blockchain, the major keyword is 10 characters itself.

However, the popularity of the secondary word (hired) and its relevance to this niche will serve would make up for the length. This name would be more appropriate for a website than a business name.

Buy this domain name for your blog, website, or app; use it for a forum, or an online magazine/journal. And if you really want, use it to name your business in the Blockchain industry.

How do you name your small business? Here are a few ideas you could use to create a name for your business.

8 plus characteristics of a good online business name

If you’re going to create or choose a domain name, remember these branding qualities and use them to choose the right name for your business –

  • Make it simple
  • Short
  • Interesting
  • Meaningful
  • Clear and keyword-ful e.g. Blockchain & Hired
  • Easy to pronounce, catch, and spell
  • Memorable
  • Make it direct, and straight to the point.

Is there a shortcoming of this name idea?

  • The 15-character length is longer than average, however, Blockchain is the cause of the lengthier nature of this name.

What are you planning to launch? What’s your idea? If it is a cryptocurrency or Blockchain-related venture and it is in the human resources niche (people, career, hiring), then is a nice name for the business. – Find, hire, offer skills, freelance, etc. Buy and launch a big, marketplace for the Blockchain niche.

INDUSTRY: Employment Placement Agencies, Staffing. Software publishers. Data processing, hosting, and related services. Custom computer programming services. Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, and Data Centers.

Branding tip #43

Additionally, customers are not physically confronted by brands in the virtual world, making brand awareness a critical factor of successful branding in the net economy.

To reach brand awareness, the decision about the right URL is an important priority (Keller, 2003). The domain name must be chosen with the basic brand name criteria in mind, with a great emphasis on brand recall (Keller, 2003).
The corporate brand naming process in the net economy.
Tobias Kollmann and Christina Suckow
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“Still thinking about #Bitcoin. No conclusion – not endorsing/rejecting. Know that folks also were skeptical when paper money displaced gold.” —Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs.

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