About Maths

About and Maths. Mathematics can’t get a more straightforward domain name than this.

What is special about this domain name?

Mathematics is a very interesting subject. One thing about it is the number of people it terrifies. Of the fear of darkness or the fear of mathematics, I don’t know which is more dominant. But math isn’t a monster. If you love knowledge, you’d love mathematics.

But I think you know all that already, I don’t think a person with mathphobia or math-hatred would be shopping for a domain name to launch a math-related project. AboutMaths is for mathematics. It’s clear. And clarity is one attribute of a good domain name.

Consisting of two words, both of which carry weight in that they are meaningful, AboutMaths would be able to brand a website, business, or consultancy dealing with mathematics at any level. This name has the potential for general usage in the mathematics field.

The domain name sounds serious – we mean business. But it is also welcoming. People who may want to solve their mathematics phobia won’t get turned off by the name. AboutMaths isn’t long. It rolls off the tongue easily and smoothly. It is easy to recall and to share.

With the right content, activity, or skills backing up a venture, website, or business named AboutMaths, more people would have a new resource to turn to and maybe a better approach to taming their fear of mathematics.

Would I use AboutMaths to name my project? Definitely yes, if not it won’t be on DomainRoll.

What are some good features of the AboutMaths.com domain name?

  • AboutMaths is only 10 characters, so the length is great.
  • The domain name comprises simple words.
  • Great keyword mix – maths, and a great prefix ‘about’.
  • It suits any level of education you may want to focus on.

Industry: Education and training service. Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services.

Branding tip #5

A name can:
Achieve separation from your competitors
Demonstrate to the world that you are different
Reinforce a unique positioning platform
Create positive and lasting engagement with your audience
Be unforgettable and must be at least memorable!
Propel itself through the world on its own, becoming a no-cost, self-sustaining PR vehicle
Provide a deep well of marketing and advertising images
Completely dominate a category

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