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I Am an Ideation Specialist; I Write About Beautiful Thoughts and Brands

I’ve sifted through hundreds of thousands of domain names and business names, created names, and curates names too. I love good names and am unhappy when I encounter businesses with bland, boring, or bad names.

I started my new brand named DomainRoll in 2019 and it is here to change things a bit. We set out as a bridge between aspiring business owners and creative domain name entrepreneurs.

Here’s a domain name idea for … You can buy this domain name and launch your …. business.

Getting a good name for your business all by yourself or brainstorming over coffee with some colleagues, friends and neighbours rarely produces a great name even after spending several hours.

Naming a business is a grueling time-consuming activity. The Domain Roll provides a list of pre-selected domain names across variety of business industry and niches, we highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the names and why we think the names deserve to be on the roll.

Domain names are added based on merit. Even the sponsored names are first accepted into the roll before they are sponsored by the owner for additional visibility. The alternative names are also accepted suggestions. If the name doesn’t strike us, you won’t find it on the Domain Roll.

Here’s the beauty, it is easier to choose a name you love than creating a name. We work with several people in choosing these names and subject them to certain metrics which are then used to pick the best.

If you can afford some hundred dollars, you would have a great domain name. That’s another great thing about the roll. We pursue names that are affordable. Affordable not because their quality are poor but because they aren’t in the hands of institutional domainers who’ve established a business around their domain portfolio.

Most people looking to establish small businesses or entrepreneurs looking for a nice name for their business idea would find DomainRoll a huge blessing. I am quite sure you would too.

Welcome to DomainRoll.com

We need community help rating domain names. It is easy. You select the domain name and score it 1 to 7. No special skills needed to be a Name Reviewer – you could be a lecturer or professional in the advertising, marketing or branding field or an entrepreneur with a knack for creativity. Come ‘Roll with us if you are interested.

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Buying any of these domain names is starting out right. They are truly perfect for the right business and industry.

Stack of coins with bitcoin


It’s going to cost you far more to get ‘smart coin’, but ‘smartest coin’ is within your reach and it has got strengths too.


Here is another made up word for press matters that’s set for branding that innovative news or WordPress project of yours. A metropolis is an …

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