101 Domain Portfolios: Yet More Names for Your Business Idea


Acquiring domain names for your business idea doesn’t end with buying, or rather registering one from Godaddy – or any other domain name registrar for that matter. You have several other options. One of your branding source is to buy a domain name from one of the several holders of a large stock of quality domain names.

While we have names for you at DomainRoll, it won’t hurt to tell you some other places. Take note though, some of these places have domains in hundreds of thousands price tags, and millions of dollars too.

101 Websites to Find A Premium Domain Name

Individual / Corporate Portfolios

  • DomainKing.com
  • HempNames.com
  • YummyNames.com
  • Dominion.Domains
  • LogoCowboy.com
  • MarkMonitor.com
  • Megrisoft.com
  • Brandzam.com
  • Namoxy.com
  • BrandLily.com
  • Brandings.com
  • Naimeo.com
  • Yola.com
  • SoBrandable.com

Portfolio Aggregators

  • BrandShelter.com
  • BrandCrowd.com
  • Namerific.com
  • Novanym.com
  • Brandgy.com
  • NameCorp.com
  • Brandroot.com
  • BrandBucket.com
  • SquadHelp.com
  • BrandPa.com
  • Namelix.com

Niche Domain Name Portfolios

  • HempNames.com
  • Hartzer (Home Inspection Names) https://www.hartzer.com/blog/hartzer-consulting-exclusive-domain-portfolio/

Domain Leasing Portfolios

  • Buydomains.com

Brokers’ Portfolios

  • WebsiteProperties.com
  • Brannans.com
  • BuckleyMedia.com
  • Safenames.net

Selection of the right domain names

Here’s a quick guide to selecting domain names

  • What is your budget? Establish how much you want to spend on the domain name. The price itself will cut off several available options.
  • Look at the top businesses around – draw inspiration from their names.
  • You must be convinced of the name; it’s your business or project anyway and if the domain name doesn’t catch you, it may not catch your customers.

Valuation of the premium domain name

You are free to make offers for domain names and negotiate what you can afford. Don’t let the offer oppose the seller though. Some certain domain names have already established themselves as expensive. Dictionary keywords, 3-letter domain names are some examples.

If you need any assistance, visit the discussion forum or email ooooo..o.admin@domainroll.com.

Beware, please beware.

  • Ask an expert to help you ascertain whether the domain name is not a bad one due to its previous usage. There are a few domain names that are virgin, but those are likely not going to be what you are going to encounter especially if you are buying from an existing holder or owner.
  • Verify ownership, people steal domain names too!
  • Verify trademark especially if you are in the US or Europe or other countries where brand assets are really protected and guarded by corporates.
  • If in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask an expert. If you need help, ask here in the community discussion or at any other domain name forum.

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Other matters

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Buying any of these domain names is starting out right. They are truly perfect for the right business and industry.

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